About Lotawata Creek ... Southern Grill

What sets Lotawata Creek apart from other restaurants.

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We are the peoples' choice, voted #1 restaurant by the local newspapers.

Last year over 500,000 people enjoyed our food.

Giant fresh ground 10 oz burger (voted Best Burger by the local newspapers.) We grind over 3 tons of fresh ground beef each month to make the best and biggest burgers in town.

Fresh baked giant hamburger and sandwich buns, baked in our own bakery from scratch.

All of our dinners are served with a fresh loaf of homemade Lotawata Creek bread, baked fresh in our own bakery.

Hand breaded country fried steaks, cut fresh daily by our own cutters using only USDA choice beef.

Fresh cut salads, cut fresh twice daily, and served with our delicious salad dressings.

All of our breaded appetizers and dinners are hand breaded to order. Our motto is we don't bread it until you order it.

Famous hand-cut seasoned fries (over 35 tons served each month.)

We take fresh Idaho potatoes, one semi load at a time (over 40,000 lbs per load) every 2-3 weeks. More than any single restaurant in the Midwest.

Last year our bakery baked over 500,000 loaves of our famous Lotawata Creek Bread.

All of our chicken strips and other breaded items are breaded with our homemade batters and breadings, made from scratch in our own kitchen.

We use only the finest ingredients, such as over 2,000 lbs of real butter each month and over 50 gallons each week of real cream for our homemade mashed potatoes and sauces.

Lota cheese at Lotawata. We use over 9,000 lbs per month of real cheese on our Nachos, cheese fries, burgers and sandwiches. We really pile it on.

Absolutely the best red beans and rice anywhere, made with real ham-hock and Andoville sausage.

Our number one selling appetizer is our Giant Stuffed Mushrooms. Over 7,600 pounds are sold monthly.

Our portions are so big, that we buy over 5,000 9 x 9 Styrofoam containers each week. This is for our customers, so that they may take home their left overs.

All of our Barbecue is smoked in our own hickory pit. We slow smoke the old fashion way. There's nothing fast about smoking BBQ in a hickory pit. It takes real Hickory logs and a whole day to cook our mouth watering BBQ. But that how you get great BBQ.

The biggest and best nachos and quesadillas in town, as noted in the local papers.

Delicious hand breaded catfish and shrimp made with our homemade ground club cracker breading.

The friendliest staff in town. A Lota nice people, serving a Lota food.

We could write a book about what makes Lotawata Creek different. From our bucket of onion rings to our hickory smoked turkey club sandwich piled high with smoked turkey. But we better stop here. Please come by and experience Lotawata Creek. You'll be glad you did.